Mining & Renewable Resources


We at Rightprop are always looking for ways to serve and preserve the integrity of our environment and look forward to hearing from you about any waste or by-product that you, or your company are producing. 

Conversely, if you have a waste product that you need to source for your company, we will use our contacts and relationships, built over the years, to find the right resource to suit your needs.

Please follow the link to our contact page to receive a free assessment of your waste product.

For 15 years, RightProp Mining & Renewable Resources has delivered world class services to it's clientele and helped protect the integrity of our environment by processing the following waste by-products on a daily basis:

  • Various Iron Oxides
  • Normal Anthracite
  • Anthracite Fines
  • Contaminated Anthracite
  • Boiler Ash

At Rightprop , we have responsibly processed the following waste products on an intermittent and continual basis:

  • Blast Furnace Slag
  • Scrap Metal
  • Transformers and Insulating oil
  • Mill Scale
  • Wood Chips and Sawdust on a large scale
  • Coal Dust
  • Anthracite dust
  • Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide (Fe203 ).

Color:  Brown

Origen:  South Africa and

Saudi Arabia

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