Mining & Renewable Resources

Welcome to Rightprop Mining & Renewable Resources 

Formed in 2004, Rightprop Mining and Renewable Resources has established its business model on being part of the fight back against the assault on our earth.

There are 7.6 billion people on the planet and we are, all of us, consumers. Our human cognitive ability, our industry and imagination have improved the base living conditions of our species but to the detriment of our fellow creatures and, caused the wide spread devastation of our environment.

All is not lost though. 'Ecology', is a relatively new term in the canons of our language and as the scientific literature continues to filter down, proving that our impact on Mother Nature has been nothing short of catastrophic, the clarion call will continue to be raised and everyday more of us will hear but more importantly, answer.

Rightprop Mining and Renewable Resources specializes in expanding the life cycle of waste; of giving waste a second chance and ensuring that any product we procure, will never find its way to the landfill. 

The World Bank has estimated that by 2025 global waste output would have reached 6000 tons of waste on a daily basis-this is unacceptable!

Keeping in our hearts the mission to conserve the fauna and flora of this world, Rightprop Mining and Renewable Resources, locates all waste that can be reused and finds the best offset points, at the most cost effective pricing structures possible, to ensure the long term continuity of our philosophical and business aspirations. 

We at Rightprop, draw our inspiration from the Dung Beetle; perhaps it was this humble little insect that first displayed to our species, the economy to be found in waste.